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Al-Khiran Company adopts a strategy based on benefiting from local resources as far as possible in order to provide the local economy with an opportunity to prosper on our project sites, and to create positive interaction between the local community and our company. This framework includes projects, plants, vehicles and machinery which are operated by manpower from the areas of the projects implemented by our company.


The company's policy provides for constructing housing complexes and caravans to the affiliates working at the projects, especially when the project site is located away from the populated areas so that affiliates will be able to remain on site and sleep properly at the project, where all necessary conditions will be created. Thus, we will provide economic opportunities for prosperous markets in the adjacent and nearby areas.


Our company has mobile caravans which we can spread on project sites according to project needs and requirements and over a record period of time depending on the distance between the project and our company.