Health, Safety and Environmental Conservation Conditions Print E-mail

According to the international standard requirements for health management and environmental conservation, our company complies with and puts such requirements into actual practice throughout all its projects, thereby affirming conditions for safety, health and conservation of natural environment around the project sites.


The policy of taking care of the employees' safety and of protecting them against the working circumstances during the working hours includes the following features:


Company Activities and Projects:


Our company's potentials are not limited to construction works, but also include consulting and design works for many engineering specializations such as architecture, construction, electrical and mechanical fields. Our company is also involved in the commercial field in the sense that it carries out import and export operations through the Group companies and offices in Jordan, Lebanon, Germany, and Sweden. In this field, the company has achieved many Iraqi works along with works for reconstruction of beloved Iraq according to contracts signed with the State ministries of Iraq such as the Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing, Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and Baghdad Municipality.


Apart from the works inside Iraq, the Company carries out projects outside of Iraq in terms of participating in and implementing some projects in different Arab countries.


In order to lend support to the expansion plans, our Group owns a number of production plants and investment projects including:


- 75 residential homes were constructed jointly with the Al-Khaleej Al-Kabir Contracting Company for the teaching staff at the University of Babylon.

- A large commercial complex (Crystal Mall) was constructed in central Amman, capital of Jordan, jointly with the Al-Balagh Company.


Health and Safety:


Iraqis are nowadays seeking to build and improve their economy and attain luxury. For this purpose, we, as an Iraqi company, have established our contexts according to precise and effective standards notwithstanding the present circumstances in order to realize basic aspects towards successful building endeavors. These are security, health, safety and environmental conservation. A well-integrated report will be submitted at the time of commencement of work on the safety and security conditions to be followed at the project.


Use of Protective Clothes and Instruments:


- Adequate equipments and guards for persons, location, machinery and materials.

- There is a report for each project on the risks and procedures drawn up for efficient handling of risks.

- In case of having reservations towards his safety or a third party's safety concerning safety and protection procedures, any working personnel shall be responsible for submitting a relevant report to his immediate supervisor.

- Personal protection and safety procedures are mandatory to all persons available on work site whether they are company personnel or non-company personnel.