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As an Iraqi company, our company is unique and enjoys enormous financial and technical potentials in the sense that it derives inspiration from the human and cultural features of the components that constitute the Iraqi community throughout its projects spread all over Iraq. These projects are intended to realize Iraqis' aspirations in terms of building and improving their country and economy along with upgrading the human cadres despite the present challenges. The Alkhiran Company has a longstanding experience in the field of construction contracts dating far back to the year 1958 when it was named after contractor Abed Zayer Khalaf, and then it was incorporated in the mid 1970s under the name "Abed Zayer Khalaf Company". At that time, the Company carried out several projects comprised of roads, buildings, stores, and warehouses throughout our beloved country from north to south. These projects are ongoing up to this time but they are in the name of our company. Our Company is represented by its managing director: Dawood Abed Zayer Khalaf. One of the new companies is the Al-khiran Contractor Company LLC Al Zayer Group which includes (15) companies of different activities and its offices are spread inside Iraq and abroad in Jordan, Lebanon and Europe.