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We are pleased to give you a brief idea about our company and the different phases through which it has gone. The company was established in 1958 in the name of contractor: Abed Zayer Khalaf and continued to practice its activities up to mid 1970s of the past century. The company was transferred into Abed Zayer Khalaf Company which has accomplished different projects in Iraq including the housing and state buildings, stores and warehouses along with construction of roads.


In view of the expansion of the Company's field of work both inside and outside of Iraq, the Al Zayer Group has been incorporated under the name ”Al-Khiran Contractor Company LLC” represented by its managing director: Dawood Abed Zayer whose activities included apart from the construction works consulting and design works for many engineering, electrical, and mechanical specializations together with the trade exchange operations (export and import). Such expansion has been attained by virtue of the ten Arab and European companies throughout Iraq and various Arab capitals (Jordan and Lebanon) along with European (Germany) which have joined the Al Zayer Group.